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kansas association of beverage retailers

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kabr speaks for kansas retailers

The rich history of KABR exists because of the strength of its members.



Benefits of membership include:                      Join KABR at this link.

  • Discounted association rates on credit card processing.  Contact Patrick Schreiner 913-748-1414.
  • Information is a text or phone call away - your questions answered about state regulations, industry contacts or just the latest news.
  • Free and reduced rates for retailer training by certified instructors. 
  • Strength in numbers...a strong united KABR has clout!
  • Paid lobbyist in Topeka to work for us and watch for unexpected legislation and provide the information you need to be effective when promoting our independent liquor stores.  The office also provides answers to everyday industry questions.
  • Effective legislative advocacy efforts and regular legislator/retailer events - know that your voice is heard by getting to know your elected Representatives and Senators.

Meetings and conferences offer professional development and the opportunity to share input and to learn the latest developments.  Enjoy free or discounted registration rates for state and national conferences.

Some recent work of KABR includes

  • Changed holiday sales/Sunday sales statutes to allow summer holidays sales across Kansas, regardless of the passage of Sunday sales ordinances. 
  • Changed statute to allow retail liquor stores with federal wholesale permit to sell and deliver cereal malt beverage products to CMB licensees.
  • Participated in 2017 Beer Law development to require:  Wholesale beer price equity for liquor stores v. big box stores, State Enforcement Authority in big box grocery and convenience stores, and hold the line at 6% alcohol by volume beer for non-liquor stores.  Members of the Uncork Coalition are not to return to the Legislature to ask for sales of stronger alcohol products including wine and spirits for ten years after the April 1 2019 start date.  KABR led the fight to defeat Uncork liquor deregulation for 8 years, including 14 years against strong beer deregulation prior to the Uncork battles.

· Helped to establish online licensing for Division of Alcoholic Beverage Control.

· Participated in development of rules and regulations at Division of Alcoholic Beverage Control.

· Lobbied the ABC to establish education options and reduced fines and four year sunset for violations.

· Supported and passed law to establish two year liquor licenses.

· Successfully amended bill that would have suspended drivers licenses of retailers who fail stings.

· Worked with ABC to change the way citations are prosecuted, requiring 30 days notice to licensee.


Dues Structure:

Standard annual dues structure is based on the following voluntary designation:

Light traffic:      (sales up to $750,000)               -    $30.00 per month

Medium traffic: (sales $750,000 to $1,500,000)  -    $50.00 per month

Heavy traffic:    (sales of more than $1,500,000) -    $100.00 per month 

Dues are 50% deductible as a business expense.  Contributions are 100% deductible as a business expense.

Call Us:  785-969-1617


P.O. Box 3842
Topeka | Kansas 66604-0842

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