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Read the bill as amended by Committee - HB 2200          Read the Fiscal Note

Key Studies on Big Box Retail and Independent Business


After failing to adopt a proper motion on Monday, May 4, to adopt Substitute for HB 2200, the Chairman Hutton opened a quick meeting Tuesday.  After apologizing for not having the correct motion yesterday to pass the bill out of committee, he requested a motion. 

Rep. JR Claeys made the motion to adopt HB 2200 as a substitute bill.  Second by Rep. Schwab.

Sub. for HB 2200 passed 9 to 8.  See bill info below.

YES:  Hutton, Claeys, Couture-Lovelady, Davis, Hemsley, Kleeb, Mason, Suellentrop, Schwab (sitting in for Carpenter)

NO: Billinger, Brunk, Corbet, Curtis (sitting in for Whipple), Frownfelter, Patton, Ruiz, Ward (sitting in for Tietze),

All members voted Tuesday, but the Chair did have to vote to break another tie - this time it was 8-8. 

This action sets up the House floor debate that many have been waiting for.  The Speaker of the House had asserted that he wanted to have an up or down vote on Uncork this year, because the issue has been around long enough.

We have heard from many of our supporters that they want to see the bill voted down on the floor.  Some are counting on the committee chairman's statement that he would not hold hearings next year if the bill is defeated.


It is very important to know if your representative and senator will support Uncork with either of these amendments.  If legislators maintain their opposition to Big Box Liquor, SB 298 and HB 2200 could remain in committee.

Please speak to your senator and representative and ask if they are planning for vote for or against Uncork with these amendments.  

Please generate as many calls and emails to representatives and senators as you can over the next week from employees, family, vendors, peers, and neighbors!  The hotline is open and operates during business hours:  

Hotline:  1-866-519-2200     Email Site for Employees/Customers/Friends:


Information about Sub for HB 2200

The Monday Commerce Committee vote to create Sub for HB 2200 was tied at 7 to 7 and the Chair voted to break the tie.  The vote was as follows:

YES:  Rep. Mark Hutton, Rep. J.R. Claeys, Rep. Travis Couture-Lovelady, Rep. Erin Davis, Rep. Lane Hemsley, Rep. Marvin Kleeb, Rep. Scott Schwab (replacing Carpenter), Rep. Gene Suellentrop

NO:  Rep. Rick Billinger, Rep. Steve Brunk, Rep. Ken Corbet, Rep. Stan Frownfelter, Rep. Fred Patton, Rep. Louis Ruiz, Rep. Jim Ward (replacing Whipple).

Did not vote:  Rep. Mason, Rep. Tietze  (Both of these legislators voted yes to get the bill to the floor for a vote of the full House before, but did not assist with adopting the substitute bill today.) 

Read the Proposal to Amend HB 2200 from Uncork HERE

See Chart for County Option Retailer Act License Descriptions

Read the Notes from the Committee HERE

Amy Campbell KABR Testimony Opposed to HB 2200 with County Option

Tuck Duncan KWSWA Testimony Opposed to HB 2200 with County Option

Whitney Damron KARLL Testimony Opposed to HB 2200 with County Option

David Dillon, Dillon Food Stores, Testimony Supporting HB 2200 with County Option

Mike O'Neal, Kansas Chamber, Testimony Supporting HB 2200 with County Option

Testimony from the Opponents to HB 2200

County Commissioner/Former Legislator Jim Howell

Frances Wood, Women's Christian Temperance Union

R.E. Tuck Duncan, Lobbyist, KS Wine and Spirits Wholesalers Association

Whitney Damron, Lobbyist - KS Assoc. for Responsible Liquor Laws

Steve Faust, Retailer, MDL Wine and Spirits

Ron McDowell, citizen, Wichita

Phyllis Setchell for Donna Lippholdt, Culture Shield Network

Brandon Plaschka, Plaschka and Kramer Liquor and Convenience Store, Princeton  / Wheatland Grocery Store testimony attached

Dan Godek, Harvest Market Grocery

Seth Fox, High Plains Distillery, Atchison

Jeff Grantham, Central Wine and Spirits, Wichita

Amy Campbell, Lobbyist, KABR

T. Walton, Sheriff, Harvey County written testimony

Chris Williams, Montgomery County Sheriff's Dept. written testimony

Tim Liesman, attorney, Topeka written testimony

Jason Redden, Accounting, Wright Redden and Associates, Coffeyville written testimony

Lyons Bank written testimony

Jack Matchette & Wally Harris, EZ Spirits written testimony

Chad Rolofson, Worldwide Wine and Spirits Distributor written testimony

Erna David, David Retail Liquor, Lyons

Joyce Jabara, retailer spouse and court officer, Wichita

Matt Jabara, JT's Liquor, Wichita

Action Items from 2015 Session:    (scroll to bottom of this message for more tools)

1.    Write a Letter to the Editor - we can help you with editing at KABR email


Retailer Aaron Rosenow


2. Contact your Senator and Representative – Set up a meeting.  Meet in their office, your store, meet for lunch, meet for dinner or a drink.  Either or both of them may end up voting on Big Box Liquor before this session ends.  Legislators are home for the break and will return to Topeka for veto session April 29.  

3. Communicate the issue to your customers.   Signs, posters and petitions can effectively share the message of small business and preventing underage sales.

4. Generate phone calls and emails to Senators and Representatives to oppose Big Box legislation.  While there are some legislators who are hearing from a lot of opponents.  There are several who have told me they are discouraged at the lack of communication.  Even if you know your legislator supports you – he or she needs to hear from your employees, customers, vendors, church members, community leaders, local law enforcement in order to support his or her position.  You must provide that support.                                                     

Testimony from the Proponents of HB 2200

Rep. John Rubin

Uncork Chair David Dillon

Uncork accumulated testimony packet

Kansas Retailers Take Action

The paid lobbyists in Topeka have nothing over local businesses and voters when it comes to supporting local legislators.  But it takes work.

When it comes to sharing your message – do not forget to involve your friends, vendors, customers, pastors, community leaders and others.  Many retailers have been very successful in gaining petition signatures, generating phone calls to the hotline, and generating emails through  

 Hotline:  1-866-519-2200     Email Site for Employees/Customers/Friends:

Find the Names of Your State Representative and State Senator on your own (Enter your zip code and select your State Representative and State Senator from the list.  You may need to also enter your full street address.)

Senate Federal and State Affairs Committee Information – members and contact links

Contact Information for Senators Linked Here.

House Commerce Committee Information - members & contact links

Look up Legislators or Bills at Legislative Website (includes contact information)

Information about the 2015 Kansas Legislature

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