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kansas association of beverage retailers

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a history to be proud of

The association for retail liquor store owners was created in 1949 when the Beverage Industry became a vital part of the economy of Kansas.  The KABR was born that year under the name Kansas Retail Liquor Dealers Association (KRLDA) and since, has represented off premise retailers by working to improve laws and regulations.

The successful retailer must not have a complacent attitude.  KABR is a service organization with the primary goal of helping members protect, develop, and improve their individual business.

KABR works with Kansas legislators to defeat negative legislation and to press for improvements to current laws, by acquainting legislators with problems and providing factual information about our industry and the products we sell.

Over the years, there have been many changes in our business.  In 1949, the Liquor Enforcement Tax was 2%; today we collect 8%.  KABR continues to fight even higher increases.

For many years we could not sell chilled wine.  Through the efforts of the Association, coolers were approved.  Until 1972, we could not carry a customer’s purchases to their car.  We fought for this change.  Today, thanks to our efforts, we can be open election days, New Years Day, and can accept credit cards.

Year after year, KABR fights against efforts by the convenience stores and grocery stores to alter the law to allow them to sell strong beer, wine and spirits currently sold by licensed retail liquor stores.

United we succeed, divided we fail.

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