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2022 Legislative Session - Update and Discussion

  • Monday, April 18, 2022
  • 11:50 AM - 1:15 PM
  • Online Virtual Meeting by Zoom - link provided with RSVP


  • Owner or employee of retail liquor store.
  • Representative of industry partners such as distributors, suppliers or allied organizations.

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KABR Lobbyist Amy Campbell will update members.  After an overview of the latest information, there will be time for decision-making and questions.

This meeting is provided on the Zoom platform.  You can choose whether or not to be on video or just participate by voice audio.


11:50 a.m.   Participants join the meeting

12:00 p.m.   Welcome - 

12:05 p.m.   Update:  The 2022 Legislature passed Conference Committee Report  SB 2 - combining multiple liquor bills:

HB 2502 - Amends current law to allow Retailers to sell wholesale to on-premise licensees statewide.  KABR opposed the statewide change and worked with representatives of the restaurant industry to create compromise language.  The legislation now adds to the area a licensed liquor retailer may sell and deliver alcoholic liquor and cereal malt beverage (CMB) to a public venue, club, or drinking establishment licensee for resale by such licensee, to allow such sales to licensees located in a corner located within two miles measured along the adjacent county boundary, as well as in the same or in an adjacent county as the licensee’s premises as in current law. 

SB 2 - Expands authority for sale and consumption of alcoholic liquor at the State Fair that is within boundaries that have been marked with a three-dimensional barrier if: ● It is domestic beer or wine and is consumed only for purposes of judging competitions; ● It is during certain permitted events of 75 people or less that are not a part of the annual State Fair event; or ● It is alcoholic liquor that is sold during the State Fair event, or as authorized by the Kansas State Fair Board (Board), by the holder of a temporary permit in accordance with the provisions of the bill.

- Limits statewide Temporary Permit fees to $25 and expands the number of temporary permits that may be issued in a year from 4 to 12.

HB 2688 - Requires a county or city to approve a CMB license for licensed farm wineries regardless of the area zoning.

- Eliminates the CMB license requirement in current law for the recipient to be of good character and reputation.

HB 2710 - Fortified wine change - amends the definition of domestic fortified wine to include wine manufactured in Kansas of more than 16.0 percent ABV but no more than 20.0 percent ABV. Current law defines such wine as having more than 14.0 percent ABV and a maximum of 20.0 percent ABV.

Bills not passed: 

HB 2611 - Walmart legislation to allow beer delivery to the home.  Beer, wine and alcohol delivery by restaurants and retailers - role of third party platforms and delivery services.  KABR  opposed the bill and it was tabled by the House Federal and State Affairs Committee.

HB 2316 - Ending the Kansas prohibition on credit surcharges to customers.  KABR supports.  Hearing was held in Senate Assessment and Taxation Committee but the legislation has not advanced.  There were credit card industry amendments proposed. 

Other items of interest:  Sports Wagering and Medical Marijuana

12:35 p.m.   Q & A facilitated by Amy Campbell, Executive Director - please remain muted and do not speak until recognized by the facilitator

12:55 p.m.   Wrap-up and Announcements - Amy Campbell

Next meeting May 9, 2022.

Not a Zoom expert?  No worries. Sign up for a free Zoom account at A Zoom account is not required, but will make it easier for you to participate.  KABR will be hosting more online meetings in the future as we work to keep our members informed.

Please direct your questions to Amy Campbell at

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