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Liquor Mega-Bill Headed to Final Vote

Friday, May 07, 2021 12:54 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

May 6, the Federal and State Affairs Conference Committee wrapped up negotiations and compiled three liquor bills into one, now titled the CONFERENCE COMMITTEE REPORT ON HB 2137.

The three liquor bills in conference included 11 original bills and 3 policy amendments that passed the  Senate and/or House.  On Friday, the combined report will go back to the full Senate and House for approval.  Friday is likely to be the last day of the veto session – although it will probably be another very late night. 

Here are the topics as agreed by the conference committee:  HB 2137, Senate Sub for HB 2138, and Senate Sub for HB 2252

HB 2137, as amended, includes CMB cleanup language, would expand the categories of alcoholic liquor licensees who can sell cereal malt beverage (CMB), would allow temporary permit holders to sell CMB along with alcoholic liquor, would provide for the removal of CMB from the licensed premises of clubs and drinking establishments in opened and unopened containers, and would allow CMB to be consumed in common consumption areas.

The bill would also amend the Liquor Control Act to allow a person whose spouse is employed as a law enforcement officer (LEO) to be eligible to receive a liquor license. The bill would be in effect upon publication in the Kansas Register.

Sub. for HB 2138 would make changes to the Kansas Liquor Control Act and Club and Drinking Establishment Act concerning suspending, canceling, or revoking certain liquor licenses; Sundays 9 am and summer holidays separate from Sunday sales ordinances – changing days and times of sale of liquor and cereal malt beverage (CMB); and growlers / refillable and sealable containers of liquor and CMB to be sold by liquor retailers and on premise establishments with same rules as microbreweries.

Sub. for HB 2252 would amend and create law related to fulfillment house licenses, farm winery licenses, electronic submission of records by special order shipping license holders, removes residency requirements for certain liquor licenses, and allows an alcoholic liquor manufacturer to hold one drinking establishment license under certain conditions.

Added SB 126, which passed the Senate and passed the House Committee with the “pitchers amendment” added.  SB 126, as amended, would modify the Club and Drinking Establishment Act by authorizing the sale of alcoholic liquor by specific organizations for special events for non-members and making clarifications concerning the sale of mixed alcoholic beverage pitchers by a public venue, club, drinking establishment, caterer, or holder of a temporary permit.

Did not add SB 2, which only passed the Senate.  SB 2 would have allowed consumption of beer and wine on the Kansas state fairgrounds in expanded designated areas and credit a portion of moneys collected from the liquor enforcement tax to the state fair capital improvements fund.  The House will hold a hearing next session. 

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